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Metro Washington Airport Authority

Barrister Global Services

Spencer Technology & Service Live.

Our Clients List:
Murphy's Auto Body-New Server Rack
Security Camera's Installed, 15, Cat 5e Cable- Rack System-Triple-Lite.-March 2017

“1. RCN, Lanham Maryland, Cable, Internet and phone Installation Contractors.
Cable,Cat 3, 5 and6, Internet Services, Phone Installation.

2. New Beginning’s Church, Lanham Maryland
Cable installation, Network System in Place,
Wireless Internet and work Stations.

3. Aeropostale Clothing Store Pre-wire term location, Data, & Voice Cabling Terminations, and full POS equipment set-up including analog phone sets Register, De-Install & Re-Install New Cash Wraps, wire for 4 pos
​​​​​​​​​Cable, Cat 3, 5 and6, Internet Services, Phone Installation.

4. Toys R US Stores, 10 Stores
De-install computer systems, Install Dell
Optiplex Computer systems with 17 inch monitors
Clean out Register Systems to run efficient .

5. Eddie Bauer , Clothing Store
Install New Modem on Computer System

6. Victoria Secret, Tyson Corner Center​
Register, De-Install & Re-Install New Cash Wraps, wire for 4 pos and 2 phones. Cabling and Terminations and testing 2 phones. Cabling and Terminations and testing.

7. MAC Store: Pentagon City Fashion Center, Virginia
Slaved Hard-Drive and transported Data.

8. Harris Teeter Store: Replace Printer Fuser,. Hanover Maryland​

9. Department of Labor-Office of Surfacing and Mining (Federal Government)
Repaired HP Printer Washington DC

​PCI, Reboot Printer and Reload Driver, Washington DC​​
10. JP Morgan Chase Bank, Install Printer Fuser, Washington DC

11. Xsport Fitness, Replace Gear Kit and Fuser assembly, Arlington VA.​​


12.​ ​Radio Shack Stores, Installed Hardware Motherboards in over 40 Computers.


13. Murphy's Auto Body Shop:

Installed New CPU, HP & Networked Systems , Transfer Data, Set Up back-up System.

Washington DC


​14. PGA Tour, Potomac Maryland

PC Installation, Ram, VNC Server Application (Software) Clean Access Registry Key and Network Access Control Agent, (Software) Install Symantec Endpoint Protection ( Software ).

15. Premier Yachts, Washington DC

Install new System Board and Software, Printer Parts.


16. American Bar Association.

Install parts For Generic PC, and Software








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